Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting Going

Alright! So the project is finally moving forward, I was quite scared for a while back but I'm so happy to just be working on this thing. At this point I have about 38 characters designed and 13 modeled, Tho I am not 100% sure how many are going to be used, but since we are in kind of a time crunch I doubt they will be too picky.
why does blogger darken the image?
 here are some of the possible characters, there will be (hopefully) 52 characters, divided into four factions, or 'suits', any guesses as to what this game might be? At this point I sort of don't care about the game its self, I just want to make sure that it LOOKS really good.

Now here are the modeled versions for the characters minus a couple of parts. Ugh, I really don't like static unpainted models, they look so lifeless. I am personally a lover of the charming simplicity of 2D drawings, and I find translating that into 3Da bit difficult. one of my biggest probelms is the eyes, I will probably have to change some face shapes to get the eyes looking correct, otherwise the character doesn't look good from certain angles. I find if the character's eyes are in the front of their face rather than the side, they are easier to work with.

I also discovered 'Welcome to Nightvale' recently and I am quite happy about that~