Thursday, December 11, 2014

Business update

This is an exciting picture because it is from the person who was my very first customer  :)  About 20 min after posting my toys on etsy This woman bought two of my bunnies and a dog, I freaked out. I was so happy to sell something at all, and the fact that it happened so quickly made me overjoyed. Then She messaged me and said she was from England and was planning on using my bunnies as her wedding cake topper :D could I have asked for a more perfect first customer?

Its been a couple of months since I started and I am doing all right, I have learned so much and am constantly trying new things behind the scenes, some of which I am planning on implementing soon.  I have big plans and I hope it all works out, tho one big thing I have learned is that nothing goes as smoothly or as quickly as you hope, but I'm not worried, just excited.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Starting a New Business!

SO, the game is almost done, at least on my end, I have gone back to 'school' and with most of the money that I have been saving for years now, I bought a 3D printer! I am so excited about my new baby. My discovery of the 3D printer in high school is what got me to learn maya and later zbrush, I have always wanted to make toys and now I can.. so I am taking it one step further, I am starting a business! yes, I am using all my free time outside of class to make a toy business, I have several designs I have been working on and I am quite excited~ but more on that later.

Ok so I just really wanted to print something and even tho I knew it could not stand I printed my bull terrier Penelope. This figure was printed with the lowest quality and it still looked fantastic, but you can see some layers, I really should have sanded her a bit better haha.

Check out instagram for pre-paint pics and more angles. she has some holes but that's my fault, the edges were too thin, I have to hollow things out a bit thicker. I am also playing around with paint textures, I don't want her coat to be totally smooth, going to do some experimenting.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finishing It up!

Alright! Just about a month Until this games deadline... Maybe. The people I work for aren't great communicators. But I have finally started working on the final Models and I have to say I am quite happy with them.

For Some Reason blogger messes up the colors :/
I Tried to Give them a kind of Impressionist painting texture that I really like, Everyone I showed these to Didn't know they were 3D models so I guess Its pretty successful~ and They are not going to be animated, Which is kind of sad, but makes my job easier, especially because if I turned these models around you can see all the ugly seams :/ And The shadows are Hand painted, Which gives me total control over where I want them to be. These aren't The final renders, but I probably won't change much, we will have to see.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting Going

Alright! So the project is finally moving forward, I was quite scared for a while back but I'm so happy to just be working on this thing. At this point I have about 38 characters designed and 13 modeled, Tho I am not 100% sure how many are going to be used, but since we are in kind of a time crunch I doubt they will be too picky.
why does blogger darken the image?
 here are some of the possible characters, there will be (hopefully) 52 characters, divided into four factions, or 'suits', any guesses as to what this game might be? At this point I sort of don't care about the game its self, I just want to make sure that it LOOKS really good.

Now here are the modeled versions for the characters minus a couple of parts. Ugh, I really don't like static unpainted models, they look so lifeless. I am personally a lover of the charming simplicity of 2D drawings, and I find translating that into 3Da bit difficult. one of my biggest probelms is the eyes, I will probably have to change some face shapes to get the eyes looking correct, otherwise the character doesn't look good from certain angles. I find if the character's eyes are in the front of their face rather than the side, they are easier to work with.

I also discovered 'Welcome to Nightvale' recently and I am quite happy about that~

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A new Journey

I don't really post here too often, I started blog to record my journey as an indie game developer but my life has turned into something else. First, the new project I was hired onto:

round and round, look at it go! I was going to give it a much nicer coat of paint but since it won't be used I gotta move on :(

 It started as a small 'job' to just make a couple cute animals, they would stand around the side of the screen while you played a puzzle or whatever, the people who hired me didn't even know what the game was. After I had done that they told me They completely changed what I was supposed to do, and actually gave me a bigger job and a chance to design a lot more characters which I was ecstatic about. Weeks kept passing by with no word and constantly re-scheduling meetings. The Man in charge wants to do everything like a market tester "_ is how people think, and if we do _ we will make a lot of money!" like he KNOWS what will make money but he really has nothing to back up his claims, and this is not the first game he has worked on.

the more time goes by the more I keep getting worried about this projects, to the point now where I don't even think about it any more because I am so sure that it will not work out, What used to be an exciting opportunity has turned into my plan B. As such I have started, once again working on my own stuff. I really don't know where this will go, I started working with these guys four months ago, on a project that was supposed to be FINISHED 2 months ago, with nothing done. I am pretty excited on the things I have been working on for the past couple of weeks, I just hope things end up working out.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Project

So, While out looking for collaborators I met with some people who liked my work and got hired as an art director.... yay? Its actually very stress relieving to have a secure job but I am not giving up on my game! Though this whole situation has me maybe rethinking how I go about making this game. I will have to think about that BUT! in the meanwhile my new project!

I will post more about this current game later but for now here are some potential characters that are going to be in it.

not necessarily the final color scheme, still playing around. 

You have a Sloth, Quail, Persian Cat, Kangaroo, Gharial, Honduran white bat, and Sun bear. I have the models sculpted and now just have to color rig and animate, but waiting for confirmation before I do a ton of unnecessary work. I think I will post the 3D models when they are nicer looking and not just in T- posses waiting to be painted and animated.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Game Concept

The Basics: you are taken to an alien world to explore uncharted lands and  learn about its strange inhabitants. All of the different areas within this world are inhabited by their own unique life forms and it is your job to seek out as many of them as possible. Each animal, plant, and environment will behave differently depending on how you interact with them, the more things you try, the more the world will open up for you to explore.

As you progress through the game your character will adapt to its environment depending on the ways you play. The more you do of an activity (climbing, swimming, etc) the more suitable features your character will adopt to become better at that ability. these newly developed skills will allow you to explore more of the world, and travel to specific places that can only be accessed with that certain skill. The more you re-play with different strategies, the more you uncover in this strange new planet.


World Exploration: This is a game designed for a touch device. Game play consists of walking around a 2D world (sort of like Chronos Trigger, old-school pokemon) and interacting with as much of your surroundings as possible. You interact with your environment with touch controls, first tapping on the item then you can do several different things with it. let's say you want to climb a long plant - after you have selected it, you will run your fingers along its stalk to have your character climb along. Maybe you want to shake it, then you shake the phone, or you want to attack the stalk, then you will quickly slide your finger towards the plant to attack it. each motion will be simple enough to remember but still make doing these actions quick and fun.

Your character will not be able to perform very well as you start the game, so the more of one command you do, the better your character will be able to execute it. This is not only important to shaping how your character will transform, but also determine your strengths when you interact with the animals of this world.

Battle mechanics: Animals will either run, attack or some will have their own ways of relating to you. Battle, much like everything else; consists of a pallet of touch controls. Simple enough as it is not the absolute focus of the game, but complicated enough that it is fun, somewhat strategic, and not a button masher. the abilities you gain through out the game will determine how your character fights and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Lets say you have smashed a lot of obstacles so now your character has become husky and grown horns, this will make you a strong fighter but you are also very slow. Instead, lets say you climb a lot and so you now have long limbs, you are not very strong but it is much easier for you to avoid getting hurt and you can run away in a pinch. This allows for different game play styles and makes replaying the game more interesting.

when all your commands do not need to be selected from a list, it makes the screen nice and clean with nothing eclipsing the artwork. If you can directly interact with the environment it would not only get rid of the need to select from a list what you want your character to do, but it would be more fun and would have the player feel like they were actually part of this world.

Conclusion: I hope I have clearly talked about this concept,thou I have not mentioned the story, nor listed some details I wanted to keep it as simple and clear as possible. As this is a world exploration game, the artwork is very important. I want this to be something where people start off this game and find the world so interesting, that they want to explore all of it. To see the crazy and beautiful lands and animals. As such, I have put a lot of work and research into the art for this game, to be full of fantastic color, imaginative lands and all kinds of animals. Every where you go there is something different to look at, no dull brown trees or fields of puke green grass but savannas of bright colorful life. Fields of glistening blues and purples that when you walk through, petals trail behind you. a world inspired by the most beautiful parts of our own but abstracted into something that could not exist, making it all the more fun to find out what these things surrounding you are.