Thursday, December 11, 2014

Business update

This is an exciting picture because it is from the person who was my very first customer  :)  About 20 min after posting my toys on etsy This woman bought two of my bunnies and a dog, I freaked out. I was so happy to sell something at all, and the fact that it happened so quickly made me overjoyed. Then She messaged me and said she was from England and was planning on using my bunnies as her wedding cake topper :D could I have asked for a more perfect first customer?

Its been a couple of months since I started and I am doing all right, I have learned so much and am constantly trying new things behind the scenes, some of which I am planning on implementing soon.  I have big plans and I hope it all works out, tho one big thing I have learned is that nothing goes as smoothly or as quickly as you hope, but I'm not worried, just excited.