Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Starting a New Business!

SO, the game is almost done, at least on my end, I have gone back to 'school' and with most of the money that I have been saving for years now, I bought a 3D printer! I am so excited about my new baby. My discovery of the 3D printer in high school is what got me to learn maya and later zbrush, I have always wanted to make toys and now I can.. so I am taking it one step further, I am starting a business! yes, I am using all my free time outside of class to make a toy business, I have several designs I have been working on and I am quite excited~ but more on that later.

Ok so I just really wanted to print something and even tho I knew it could not stand I printed my bull terrier Penelope. This figure was printed with the lowest quality and it still looked fantastic, but you can see some layers, I really should have sanded her a bit better haha.

Check out instagram for pre-paint pics and more angles. she has some holes but that's my fault, the edges were too thin, I have to hollow things out a bit thicker. I am also playing around with paint textures, I don't want her coat to be totally smooth, going to do some experimenting.