Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Project

So, While out looking for collaborators I met with some people who liked my work and got hired as an art director.... yay? Its actually very stress relieving to have a secure job but I am not giving up on my game! Though this whole situation has me maybe rethinking how I go about making this game. I will have to think about that BUT! in the meanwhile my new project!

I will post more about this current game later but for now here are some potential characters that are going to be in it.

not necessarily the final color scheme, still playing around. 

You have a Sloth, Quail, Persian Cat, Kangaroo, Gharial, Honduran white bat, and Sun bear. I have the models sculpted and now just have to color rig and animate, but waiting for confirmation before I do a ton of unnecessary work. I think I will post the 3D models when they are nicer looking and not just in T- posses waiting to be painted and animated.

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