Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Animals

more Animals! I try to keep most animations offline, and probably even more of the scenery will be kept offline...? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. SO lets start with...

This guy! I used a Basiliscus AKA a jesus lizard as an animation reference. It stands post, looking out for predators, as soon as it sees any sign of something close by, it will bark (warning the others) and RUN! It drags its tail on the ground to create a cloud of dust to make it all the more difficult to chase it. I really like the way this guy moves, its just fun to watch it run. on several occasions when I test out the animation, it will sync with the music I am playing So I end up spending several minutes watching my 3 second animation loops haha. 

walk - turn - attack

alright next is this little jumper, maybe the third character I animated, *sigh* how much I have learned since then. Its also one of the few animals with some sort of 'pattern' on its body. Most animals I design don't have any marks on their body (which makes animation a lot easier), I really like minimalist and clean/simple art. 

So far no two animals move the same way, thats a coincidence but I like it! the more verity, the more interesting, but who knows how long I could keep that up?

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